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Danielle Smith announced a slew of new policies around gender identity and transgender youth. It appears she stepped up for Alberta parental rights. :-)

But some people are not happy. They want her to reverse that.

Danielle Smith needs you to have her back now. Write her a letter to show her how much you support her new policies. If you don’t speak up, someone else will.

We’ve already drafted a letter for you to use (see below). Under 30 seconds of your time, and a few bucks, and we’ll send that show of support for you.

Show your support to Danielle Smith. You just may help a farmer along the way.

By purchasing a SnailMailPatriot letter, you join a collective voice demanding accountability and change.


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In this special campaign, you won’t be writing your own letter.

Instead, we will be using the following exact template for this campaign.

It would be addressed from YOUR house, with YOUR name at the bottom of the letter.

We fully recognize you won’t 100% agree with 100% of this email.  The main goal here is to stand up and show support.  If you want the Premier to feel like doing the right thing is ACTUALLY APPRECIATED, then just go with it for now. Show some positivity in her world so she knows she can go forward on other policies Alberta needs.

Templated campaigns like this one are going away at, and that’s why we are working on a mobile app… so you could add your own edits and comments or completely start from scratch.


Dear Premier Smith,

I am writing to express my strong support for your recent policies regarding gender identity and transgender youth in Alberta. As a concerned citizen, I am grateful that you prioritize parental rights in your approach to these important issues.

I believe that your commitment to protecting parental rights and ensuring that children receive the appropriate support and guidance from their families is essential in creating a fair and just society. By empowering parents to make informed decisions about the care and wellbeing of their children, you are demonstrating a deep respect for the family unit and the role it plays in shaping our future generations.

I appreciate your leadership in addressing the complexities of gender identity and transgender youth, and I am confident that your policies will have a positive impact on the lives of many Albertans. Your willingness to engage in open dialogue and promote understanding among people with differing perspectives is a testament to your commitment to unity and mutual respect.

As you continue to navigate these challenging issues, please know that you have my unwavering support. I believe that you are heading in the right direction, and I encourage you to stay strong in your convictions. Thank you for your dedication to creating a better Alberta for all of its citizens.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

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